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The official software of the Betway bookmaker recently received a huge update, both in its Android and iOS versions. Thanks to this complete overhaul, the current version of the Betway mobile app that is being offered to all customers runs much more smoothly, its visual elements were greatly improved, and the system requirements were significantly lowered. As always, this betting app can be obtained for completely free.

This article will examine the main aspects of this software, also it will be explained how to Betway app download in the compatible operating systems. At the end there will be a comparison between the program and the mobile website.

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Downloading the Betway APK and performing the installation process in Android gadgets

Despite the years that have passed since the release of the first version of the Betway app, unfortunately still is not possible to find the software in Google Play or in any other official Android applications store. The question of how to install the program is answered with the following steps:

  1. Visit the website of the company by using a mobile internet browser from the device where it is intended to Betway app download
  2. Scroll down until the downloads area is found, access it
  3. Tap over the download button
  4. Open the Betway apk after the download finishes
  5. If an error is encountered which prevents the installation to continue, it is most likely that it is caused by the default security settings of most Android devices. They prevent the installation of software that didn’t come from Google Play or from other official stores. This issue has a very simple solution. In this case the user needs to head on to the security menu of the device. After that, find and activate the “unknown sources option”
  6. The installation of the Betway apk should continue and end normally

All this process should take a few minutes, and no further issues should appear. Regarding the system requirements, in the introduction it was mentioned that they were reduced in the last update of the Betway mobile app. These are great news, because it means that even more devices are capable of smoothly executing the software.

According to the most recent information, the current iteration of the program requires to have Android 4.1 or a more recent version of the operating system. At the same time, the device running the app must have a screen resolution of at least 320×480 in order to properly display all the visual elements of the software. Finally, it must be taken in consideration that the download size of the installer is of approximately 2.5 megabytes. It increases to some tens of megabytes once it is fully installed and operating. Therefore, at least this amount of internal storage must be available before it is decided to get this software.

There is no need to worry when thinking why the Betway APK can not be obtained directly from Google Play. This happens because the terms and conditions that regulate this online store forbid the commercialization of casino and betting apps that involve real money. This means that the official apps of all the bookmakers are unable to be present on the store, not only the Betway app. As can be seen, this is not because there is a particular issue with the company or its software. However, these restrictions may be lifted in the future.

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In contrast, installing the Betway app in Apple devices is ridiculously simple

Unlike Android, the Betway mobile app can be obtained from the AppStore. This means that the process of installation is exactly the same as it would be for any other application designed for iPad and iPhone devices.

The system requirements for the iOS version of the Betway app indicate that the device where it is intended to install the software must operate at least with iOS 7.0. In concrete terms, this means that any version of the iPad must be capable of properly running it, while every iPhone since the version 5 must be able to do so as well.

The fact that an important application store such as the AppStore allows to directly Betway app download, is another proof that there are no issues with the bookmaker or its apps. In this regard Apple can be considered more flexible, because it is also possible to find in its store the official applications of other sportsbook as well.

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Main features of the Betway mobile app and how it compares to the mobile website

After testing this software, it was immediately possible to appreciate why it has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, which can be encountered in all the corners of internet. The main criteria for evaluating if a bookmaker app is doing a good or bad work, is to see how many features of the desktop website are available in the mobile software.

In the case of the Betway Kenya app, literally all the features and sections of the bookmaker are completely functional in iOS and Android devices. Also, it is essential to clarify that the same odds encountered in the desktop website apply in the program too.

The interface is very easy to use and works smoothly even on mid range devices. The application never freezes, even when making very fast scrolls or when quickly navigating between sections or matches.

The moment when the software is really tested is when trying to use the casino games, as they tend to be more demanding in the graphics aspect. However, after trying some of the most visually intensive forms of entertainment, such as certain slot games, the application still never froze.

Other than that, all the sports and forms of entertainment can be smoothly used from the Betway Kenya app. This includes the poker tables, all the casino games, all forms of bets, and the live streamings too. Even if someone doesn’t have an account in the bookmaker, it is completely possible to sign up and join directly from the app without the need of a computer.

The Betway mobile website is another way of accessing the services provided by the bookmaker through mobile devices. It is well optimized to work in all the most popular internet browsers currently available.

When comparing the mobile version website and the app head to head, both have their pros and cons. The software can be considered a more stable platform, as it doesn’t rely on how a particular web browser is working. In this regard, making proper use of the Betway mobile website depends greatly on the stability of the internet connection. If said connection is lost or becomes weaker at some moment, there is a high chance that the user will be disconnected, and any game or gamble where he or she was participating will be lost.

This doesn’t happen in the Betway mobile app, because it can put on hold whatever the customer is doing and wait until the internet connection is restored. This is the main reason why it is recommended to Betway app download whenever possible.

However, the pain advantage of the Betway mobile website is that it doesn’t need a separate download (other than having a web browser). This can be very helpful for people struggling with their storage space.

In general both platforms provide complete access to all the Betway features and services. This provides greater flexibility to the users of the bookmaker, who can choose whatever mean of mobile access suit their needs better.Sign Up Bonus

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